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December 30, 2016

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IT Consultancy

Need help with your business or personal IT requirements, contact me and let me help you make the right decisions.

I can offer my full skillset in helping whatever your IT problem is from simply buying the right PC/laptop for your home or office to selecting the correct process and equipment for your business project.

Web Services

Looking for a complete website design and built or someone to maintain your site and social media I can help.

Packages for all sizes of websites can be put together from small single business sites to large complex ecommerce sites. Or if you would like to just chat about the possibilities for your business then contact me.

Having trouble with your social media? Don’t have the time? or you want to build your business profile? Contact me and see what I can offer. I will take you through the options for maintaining your social media or help you put together the strategy needed to achieve your goals.

Equipment Repair

PC or laptop giving trouble? Need data recovered? or need a screen repaired on your phone? All can be fixed

Your tech will give you problems from time to time but most of it can be fixed so if you are having issues with something then contact me.

About MeAbout Me

Who is Joe

I’ve worked in the IT industry in the North West of Ireland for over 15 years and within that time I have worked in and helped all sizes and types of businesses. My roles have spanned a wide and varied list of tasks including dealing with the public, organising demos of products, training staff, helping schools and businesses plan and maintain their IT offerings. If this sounds like someone that can help you then feel free to contact me.

Mar 13 - Aug 152013 - 2015

Ecommerce Manager

The Ecommerce Manager role involved the daily running and maintenance of The Cope’s online shop (, which was designed and built by myself based on an open source platform. The day to day tasks include monitoring the website’s health and security, analysing data produced by website traffic and sales, matching product offering with the analysed data and supporting the customers with any sales.

Apr 2012 - Aug 20152012 - 2015

IT Technician

The IT Technician role involved working on all IT matters within The Cope company, which includes offices and retail premises spread over 4 locations. It also includes working in the IT sales and repair department which deals with IT repairs from the public and on-site support contracts with businesses and schools within the area. Within this role I help to manage the IT needs for several large schools and businesses by planning future IT requirements, maintaining current IT setups and supporting individuals with their IT problems.

Jul 2010 - Apr 20122010 - 2012

Web Developer

Development of online reservation software for the accommodation industry. Along with building and maintaining the products, training was done with the clients to help them improve their business and get the most from their new IT solution. Technologies used include vs2010, ASP.Net, SQL Server, XML, Web Services, JavaScript, Cloud Servers both Windows and Linux based.

Sept 2009 - May 20102009 - 2010

NUI Galway

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Oct 2008 - Spet 20092008 - 2009

Web Developer

Developing websites for event and entertainment companies to sell tickets online.

Mar 2008 - May 20082008


Web Authoring Tutor. A 10 week (50 hours) course for people in employment. Course covered the basics of creating a web site and putting it online to fulfil the individual needs of each student.

Oct 2005 - Dec 20072005 - 2007

Web Developer

Developing database driven websites using Asp.Net. Key roles were building custom controls for use on various sites, integrating CSS and front-end pages with the database backend, support for an online booking engine product and creating mobile versions of the projects. I have taken team lead roles on several projects seeing them through from initial planning to final release

Sept 2004 - Sept 20052004 - 2005

University of Ulster

Computing and Intelligent Systems – Masters

Sept 1999 - May 20031999 - 2003

University of Limerick

Computer Systems


My Latest News
PlayStation 4 Controller Charge Port Replacement

This is a straight forward repair that most people could do at home. The only thing to know is that there are different versions of the part depending on your controller. To make sure you get the right part you can check the controller version online using the serial number or to be definite about it you can firstly remove the part and check the version number printed on it. At the moment it’ll be one of the following JDS-011, JDS-001, JDS-030, JDS-040.

Getting ready for your new phone

If you’re lucky enough to be waiting on a new phone you’ll want the process of switching over to go as smooth and quickly as possible so here’s my tips on getting that new phone up and running.

Tech Tip #1 – Be careful what you agree to

Many of us will see the window below when we do an update of the Java software after being prompted for the 100th time but do you look at it close enough to see what’s going on or do you just click “Next” until it’s done?

Is your marketing plan ready for 2017?

As we all settle down again and look forward to the coming year it’s time to plan. You did plan your marketing for 2017 right? Like last weekend the Golden Globes were on and you had all your content ready to go out on Sunday and Monday and you were able to ride the hashtags with all the aftermath from the speeches… right? OK, so you missed that one… but you’re ready for the next big trending day? That’s it Friday 13th this week #Friday13th will be trending from Thursday to Saturday. What?… You didn’t think it had anything to do with your business?

Have you created your Instagram Business Profile?

Some of you eagle eyed people may have noticed changes on Instagram lately especially when viewing profiles. A new “Contact” button has appeared on some profiles that when clicked can give you the options to Call, Email or Get Directions. But where did this button come from and how do you get it for your profile?.

Alternatives to Subscription TV

Something I see more and more of late is ads offering me the chance to free myself from TV subscription bills like Sky but how do these systems work and what are they really offering? These are the questions most people are asking me and although I try to stay away from this whole area since as you’ll read later it’s a very murky subject legally speaking.

Get Facebook working for your business

Most businesses these days agree they have to be on Facebook. The problem is most can’t agree to what level they have to be seen on it. The following are a few tips and points I’ve picked up that will help your Facebook page gain exposure and increase it’s marketing value.

Solving Your WiFi Woes

A problem a lot of homes and businesses have these days is poor WiFi. This can be caused by several factors but there are a few things that can be done to fix it.

How to do a basic PC clean up

This is something I get asked to do frequently and the conversion usually begins with something like “my laptop is running very slow” or “there’s strange windows with ads appearing on my screen”. Both these scenarios happen to everyone at some stage from the novice to the experienced user. The difference being the experienced user knows the few simple things to do to get their computer running right again.